Thursday, 10 May 2012

yoga mat rundown: the week of warm

we'ar snuggly and warm in our bamboo cocoonlets.

 this week auckland hq has been hit with a bit of a chill so we have been raiding the boxes of soon to arrive winter samples in order to keep warm!  the knit dress, new to store warm socks and cinnamon julep have all been on heavy rotation, and the metropolis hoodie pulled out for the morning run! Its also the time of year that we’ar auckland regulars are off on their trips overseas, stopping in store for a little india dress or a pair of how short shorts to recline on some sunny beach in! so it seemed totally natural that this weeks yoga mat run down be dedicated to all things warm...

something to warm the heart : a meeting in central park with the oldest living yoga teacher in the world via elephant journal

the best kind of summer vacation: 7 volunteer vacations in warm climates via treehugger

a beginners guide to bikram: fitness challenge bikram yoga (ps the studio featured here are offering free classes for your mum this Sunday in their auckland studios)  via nz herald

the designer with the flame red hair vivienne westwood shares her tips to sustainable living in style  via ecouterre

its heating up as more brands pull out of supporting APP after fresh allegations of habitat destruction surface via idealog

is there anywhere warmer than bali? we’ar think not! new to our pinterest is a board dedicated to the yummy warmth of bali via pinterest

we may all be warming up, and the water may be flowing (oh dear icebergs please don’t melt too quickly) but these beautiful water shots are making us feel it might not be all bad. Nature you sure are beautiful  via notcot

via tastespotting

sexy yoga time gets conan all hot and bothered: nina dobre verses conan as a yoga wall via yoga dork

lastly something for mumma: warm her heart this mothers day with a home made card via etsy

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

habitat for humanity 2012: belinda nash

Habitat for Humanity helps projects both locally and abroad, and this year WE'AR is proud to support Belinda Nash in promoting her 'Reconciliation Build' team to get to Sri Lanka and build their Whare Toa - to unite Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim communities in one village. This August, 300 Kiwis and people from around the world are descending on Sri Lankan shores to make a tiny but significant contribution to world peace...

Sri Lanka’s population has been decimated after three decades of civil struggle and natural disasters, including the devastating 2004 tsunami. Today, more than 300,000 people still live day-to-day without any home to go to.

Belinda and the Reconciliation Build team are holding a fundraiser on May 17th at the Nathan Club Auckland to help raise money for building supplies needed to construct 24 new homes. So your $15 can buy you a night of fun with great kiwi music, a few wines and a silent auction with some great prizes! 
WE'AR love the passion and inspiring message Belinda is sending with the plan to build one house with one family to unite a community - check out her touching and charismatic blog iheartprocrastination - too cute!

you can buy tickets to the 'building houses, building hope' fundraiser at iTICKET, or make a donation through Habitat for Humanity here - Belinda needs $5000 dollars to get to Sri Lanka and WE'AR looking forward to hearing all about the amazing experience... visit the facebook page for more updates x x x   

Monday, 7 May 2012

Love and Light

WE'AR always keen to hear whats happening locally in the artistic community - we meet yogini Leigh Fitzjames who tells us about her solo show 'Love and Light' at Te Karanga Gallery on K Rd this friday. WE'AR met Leigh when she came in hunting for costume ideas flicking through the silk raja pants, so plenty tank and batwing top

Love and Light on stage…

by Leigh Fitzjames

Three months prior to departing for drama school in New York, I knew I had to find some closure to the life I was leaving behind in Auckland city. So, I compiled a one man show which would highlight some the present joys and challenges I have in my life at present: performing, writing, collaborating with artists, romance, finding solitude, inner strength....YOGA...

Love and Light is a 40 minute show that features spoken word and song in homage to Bikram Choudhury, leader and icon of the self titled hot yoga practice.

The story centres around a woman, Celine, who has fallen in love with Bikram and is trying to access the love of her guru. Clenching on to the lessons she has learnt from class, she searches for his love via the mat, by looking in the mirror, sending emails to a non-responding address. She creates a self inflicted ‘30 day challenge’ within her apartment to explore these lessons in her own ‘torture chamber’.

Full of word play around the Bikram script, Love and Light is a tongue in cheek stab at the westernization of an ancient eastern practice, which I personally embody as a practising, Eurasian woman. In light of the recent documentary ‘Yoga Woman’ and finding more Bikram studios emerging in Auckland, this show seeks to connect with the stories that are attached to our community of yogis.

'Love and Light' 
8pm Friday May 11th
Te Karanga Gallery, 208 K Rd
Tickets $10 on the door (cash only)


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Sunday, 6 May 2012

WE'AR spotlight:

From a career in television reporting, documentary film making and radio; Jason Moon is also a long time friend and cohort of  brand designer Jyoti and WE'AR - this week we have a chat to him about his projects and involvement in our team. Jason is the man behind the camera in our bali footage and 'mini docomis' - from the recent bali spirit festival, to the piece on how we make our natural plant dye. Surfer, avid yogi, and all round adventurer, Jason talks about loving life in Bali...

jason cruises the bali coastline with Jyoti, and works an inversion in the WE'AR mens v tank and practice shorts!

What keeps bringing you back to Bali?
It’s a tad cliché but the surf, sun and the people bring me back to
this small tropical island.  I decided five years ago to follow the
rhymes of what I enjoy in life rather than follow a path based on the
comforts of home.  Now I feel like I’m part of an international
community that keeps the mind stimulated while being reminded how
fortunate we are of our existence. 

Describe how you became involved with WE'AR:
My first trip to Bali was to visit my good friend Jyoti in March of
2006.  She was doing her second collection and I really liked her
clothes and where she was going with the brand.  Her vision to build a
“conscious-business” based around her passions of fashion, travel and
yoga seemed like a pretty awesome lifestyle to me.
I kept coming back to Bali on longer and longer holidays and slowly we
started to document the international yoga community that is very
strong in Bali. We started to shoot stories around the brand; like
the organic dyeing process, covering international speakers and
generally recording any themes we felt resonated with the brand
For me it was the perfect excuse to get involved in the yoga
community, an area that I’ve taken quite an interest.

What is your ideal yoga practice?
At the moment I’m quite fond of the Ecstatic Dance up at the Yoga Barn
in Ubud. Charley Patton plays to sixty plus guest each Sunday
morning. It’s day clubbing with only one rule, no talking. 

What is inspiring you right now?
How to consistently come out of barrels! Master this and I’ll die happy. 

What is a perfect day in Bali to you?
That’s easy, as early morning surf, raw
cacao-banana-coconut-juice-smoothie; work and one-hour sunset yoga at
Desa Seni

check out our interview with Charley Patton of the Yoga Barn made in collaboration with Jyoti Morningstar and Jason Moon....

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