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WE'AR spotlight:

 You may be familiar with Miriama as an actress and television presenter, and WE'AR also is familiar with her in a yogic sense - from Miriama's generosity to humanitarian projects, to dedicated practice and involvement with the yoga community in Auckland. She is also a particular fan of our colour palette and looks fabulous in our designs! This active yogini talks about her love of fitness and yoga, and about some of the projects she has ventured upon while fundraising for Habitiat for Humanity...

 clockwise from top: yoga class at the yoga sanctuary, miriama in triangle pose for les mills body balance, Habitat for Humanity for reconciliation build, stunning Muriwai beach in New Zealand.

How did you become involved with Habitat for Humanity?
I became involved with Habitat for Humanity through my friend Sam Copland. She knew that I was passionate about humanitarian projects and that I also loved traveling so she introduced me to the group and to our team leader Jaclyn Philpott and on 3rd August we are heading to Sri Lanka to build a village.

When did you begin your yoga journey, and what style are you practicing at the moment?
I first began my Yoga journey in 2000. I had been living overseas and traveling a lot but decided to come home to see the first light of the new millennium with people that I loved and cared about aka: family and friends. I then began a regular health and fitness regime again and started trying Yoga classes at Les Mills in Auckland. The teachers there are so thorough and they offer a variety of styles. So I soon caught the "yoga bug" body responded almost immediately. I was then asked to start teaching a class called "Body Balance". It was a new class which incorporates Thai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and Dance. From there I started deepening my practice to the point where I developed 'self-practice'. Over the last twelve years I have tried all types of Yoga ranging from Ashtanga, Mysore, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Anusara. I even got hooked on Bikram Yoga in 2009 when I was living in Christchurch, it was just so cold down there that Bikram was perfect for me. Now I practice at least five days a week without heat. I am still attending Yoga classes at Les Mills because I like the convenience of regular mid-morning classes and all the teachers are great there. Vincent (Yoga Shala) has a strong practice as does Mande White. Andre has a more flowing class which is quite dynamic and Denise brings the lovely flow you need on a Saturday morning with her Vinyasa practice. However, I am really enjoying attending the Yoga Sanctuary. I recently joined the Parnell studio where I attend Adele's classes on Monday and Wednesday nights. Her Anusara style is just so graceful and I feel amazing after it. Denise Ferguson is also a wonderful teacher there, so I try to do her classes twice a week. Then, when Steve White isn't traveling the world doing amazing things, I like to go to his Saturday morning class at The Yoga Sanctuary because has such a strong practice but he has such a light hearted, entertaining approach. We are so lucky in Auckland to have such a wide variety of top level teachers.

What draws you to WE'AR as a yoga wear brand?
Ohhhh where do I start??? It's just so yummy. The great thing about We'ar is it makes you feel good inside and out, which goes hand in hand with a good Yoga practice. The materials feel great to wear and the styles are just so unique that I am always getting asked "where are those pants from" or "where did you get that dress". We'ar is versatile, so I can practice in We'ar on the mat, then head straight to lunch with the girls and even rock into the evening wearing We'ar. It's feminine yet practical, fun but sexy. We'ar always guarantees a great colour palette too NZ we traditionally tend to wear a lot of black... I'm someone who loves to wear colour 'cos it stands out, it just makes you feel it's always a relief to walk into a We'ar store and be greeted by a rainbow of yumminess.

Tell us about "Unity Yoga"
Unity Yoga is a 2 hour yoga class taught by four different teachers whom each have a half an hour segment. I came up with the idea whilst planning my fundraising strategy for Sri Lanka. I wanted to provide an opportunity where people could give and actually be rewarded for their generosity as my way of saying "thank you". I held the first Unity Yoga on Saturday 5 May and am planning another one for mid-June. 
Describe your perfect sunday...
Waking up to my partner's smile and sunshine. Heading to Muriwai beach for a walk, swim, and family lunch. Followed by a hot pool under the stars, before tucking into a nice glass of Central Otago Pinot Noir and home cooked roast.

clockwise from top: tubelicious dress in plant dye blue, grey knitted dress, diy tank and button thru strides...
Miriama loves WE'AR pieces to that can take you through your day - from morning practice to an effortlessly stylish look for evening!

maria @ we'ar

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