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WE'AR spotlight:

Jennifer Raoult is creative director and co-founder of French/NZ production company ClairObscur - the team who filmed our beautiful WE'AR summer collection 'morning light', and all the backstage action for New Zealand Fashion Festival. Yogini and mum to gorgeous Coco, Jen also happens to look amazing in all of our clothes! We ask Jen about her practice, current video projects and finding balance with motherhood and working in a creative industry...

 top: filming at splore 2012, bottom: jen we'ars our tree silk batwing sweater

What kind of projects are you working on at the moment?
I am creating visuals for a Hair and Fashion show in Australia. It's inspired by classic cinema but more precisely by the suspense and psychological thriller genres. So I'm watching and rediscovering Hitchcock filmography at the moment which I'm really enjoying. This makes research for this project very interesting & informative! I'm also working on a music video project, I'm feeling very excited by the concept and the people I'm working with on this one too.

What type of yoga do you practice, and how do you find the time with caring for a child?
I practice Hatha, Ashtanga and also Bikram. Since my daughter was born, (she is 18 months old now) I haven't been practicing regularly. I found it difficult to practice at home with baby around because it's hard to focus. But now that I only breastfeed for comfort, I'm getting back into it and of course love it even more. We also recently moved to live by the ocean in Piha. I feel very inspired & revitalized by this environment, it's fantastic for my soul and my practice!

What piece of the we'ar collection are you loving right now?
I'm wearing my grey deco skirt all the time, it has definitely become an essential! But I've seen the new winter collection on the catwalk and even had the privilege to try some pieces for the photoshoot and love it all so much! I cant wait to wear it!!!!!

How was ClairObscur visioned and created?
ClairObscur was born just over a year ago now. Faye was producing and directing music videos and I was directing and filming all sorts of things from docos to music videos...We were both interested in working with different creative industries like art, fashion & design... But more than anything we wanted to have more creative freedom. So that is why we decided to collaborate and create our own company. We knew that this way we could develop our own style and work with people we like. Another motivation was that Faye wanted to have a baby and Coco my daughter was 4 or 5 months old and we wanted our company to be kids friendly. This way we could help and support each other through motherhood and keep working as well as raising our children. We both love being mum but couldn't be only that. By creating ClairObscur, I think we found the right balance between motherhood and being creatively active outside of being a mum. It was a healthy choice for our souls and our families. Nikki, the third piece of the ClairObscur trio, joined us in September last year and was pregnant at the time. It was so natural and obvious for Nikki to be part of it, she is an amazing woman to work with and has a very beautiful peaceful energy. So ClairObscur is definitely a creative mumsy kids friendly production company!

Explain some of the joys and challenges of working in film...
There are many joys of working in film. Firstly it's never the same, every project is different so I rarely get bored! There is pressure like any other job but its a very stimulating sort of pressure! We meet a lot of nice people all the time and it's always a pleasure to work with them. I find this especially in New Zealand, people here are on the whole are very friendly, humble & caring. Also, I have been lucky enough to work with very talented and generous people who share their knowledge and skills, so I am constantly learning and progressing which is very encouraging! I can really express myself, bringing my vision, sensibility & sensitivity to each project. I think the challenge is trying to be innovative and to create quality product on big as well as small budget projects. That is why strong concepts are often the key to a good result!

 clockwise from top: at wynyard quarter filming 'morning light', jytoti and jen in an impromptu photo shoot, jen and adorable daughter coco snuggled up in our kulu wrap

check out the video of our collection and backstage action at New Zealand Fashion Festival filmed by Jen for ClairObscur:

make sure to stop by WE'AR HQ on Cross St, Auckland - we have just finished unpacking our winter stock! for overseas customers, don't worry - we will be adding to the online store very soon! In the meantime feel free to email for inquiries or orders

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