Monday, 7 May 2012

Love and Light

WE'AR always keen to hear whats happening locally in the artistic community - we meet yogini Leigh Fitzjames who tells us about her solo show 'Love and Light' at Te Karanga Gallery on K Rd this friday. WE'AR met Leigh when she came in hunting for costume ideas flicking through the silk raja pants, so plenty tank and batwing top

Love and Light on stage…

by Leigh Fitzjames

Three months prior to departing for drama school in New York, I knew I had to find some closure to the life I was leaving behind in Auckland city. So, I compiled a one man show which would highlight some the present joys and challenges I have in my life at present: performing, writing, collaborating with artists, romance, finding solitude, inner strength....YOGA...

Love and Light is a 40 minute show that features spoken word and song in homage to Bikram Choudhury, leader and icon of the self titled hot yoga practice.

The story centres around a woman, Celine, who has fallen in love with Bikram and is trying to access the love of her guru. Clenching on to the lessons she has learnt from class, she searches for his love via the mat, by looking in the mirror, sending emails to a non-responding address. She creates a self inflicted ‘30 day challenge’ within her apartment to explore these lessons in her own ‘torture chamber’.

Full of word play around the Bikram script, Love and Light is a tongue in cheek stab at the westernization of an ancient eastern practice, which I personally embody as a practising, Eurasian woman. In light of the recent documentary ‘Yoga Woman’ and finding more Bikram studios emerging in Auckland, this show seeks to connect with the stories that are attached to our community of yogis.

'Love and Light' 
8pm Friday May 11th
Te Karanga Gallery, 208 K Rd
Tickets $10 on the door (cash only)


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