Thursday, 4 August 2011

ride envy

deus ex machina surf motorcycle

epitome of cool... motorcycle enthusiasts deus have fully embraced their most recent venture in bali to come up with this wicked new surf bike. handcrafted with removable rack, we can just see ourselves cruising the coastline on this stylish beauty! 

our lovely and adventurous designer jyoti is partial to a wave finding mission, here she is with friend mr moon in bali paradise...

 love these shots... miss ya jyotes! xx

Monday, 1 August 2011

good morning sunshine

catching the bus is painful. there is really no two ways about it. but i have noticed time spent on public transport can actually be the perfect opportunity to put some meditation skills into practice... 

there is usually a set time frame to get into the zone, and everybody else is probably too busy playing with their ipod/ phone or half asleep to notice you silently sitting with beautiful spinal alignment and a discreet mudra in your lap.   

cue you happily skipping off the bus feeling light and ready for whatever the day throws at you instead of holding a grudge at the heavy breather sitting behind you (we've all been there) xx 

Sunday, 31 July 2011

cupcakes for the spca

we are now officially registered bakers for the spca cupcake day! monday 29th august will be the third annual event, and we'ar extreeeemely excited to get our thinking caps on for what kind of delicious morsels we want to create...

think of all the puppies and kittens you can help by whipping up a batch or two of cupcakes - fun times! get a work crew involved and register now xx