Tuesday, 26 July 2011

unique perspective

travel with a personal touch... everybody is bound to whip out the digital camera on their adventures to capture moments in time. but how about creating memories from colours, feelings and inspirations along the way?

theydrawandtravel take a cue from recipe version theydrawandcook to give artists the opportunity to express the passion for their favourite cities through artistic eyes. illustrated 'maps' in varies styles make for a delightful romp through cities of the world...


Monday, 25 July 2011


its reeeealy cold today. this is how we'ar coping...

hats that look like what babies wear as onesies - so excellently warm! 

whats that lurking in the background? 
*cough* magical wand *cough*

btw in case you haven't heard we have cute as a button herringbone caps in stock. did I hear you say photo op...?

aviation chic xx

Sunday, 24 July 2011

kim from 21dgrs

Kim Naomi Krismann is a fashion designer and illustrator from Germany. after living in Amsterdam and Cape Town she ended up in Bali where she designs for her label 21dgrs and produces work for various clients under the 21dgrs agency. Kim's playful dreamy hand drawn illustrations with modern mixed collage elements are shown at we'ar store, oberoi on the 26th july...

we'ar retail lab auckland have some of kim's gorgeous drawings printed on canvas in store which you may have seen on our webpage... magical igloo cities to compliment our winter range ;)

we would love to hear of any projects you may have in the pipeline that you think would suit our gallery space... email xx