Thursday, 30 June 2011

eco-marine system beauty

an incredible project dedicated to sustaining the health of our seas, the coral goddess is a living artwork located in pemuteran bay, bali, indonesia. developed as part of the karang lestari coral restoration project and utilizing bio-rock technology, the structure is literally a vehicle for the promotion of growth and protection for baby coral. the result is transformed into a beautiful underwater sculpture created by celia gregory - a female buddha seated on a magnificent lotus sructure on which the coral will grow.

aided by solar and wind power, a low electrical current is transmitted to crystallize minerals growing a white limestone similar to coral that naturally makes up coral reefs and tropical white sand beaches.

the project is now complete and the goddess was given a balinese blessing ceremony before recently being transported to her new underwater home - where the baby coral will flourish and create habitats for local marine life...

 the goddess in her garden location

 taman sari temple - the blessing ceremony

 wind and solar powered turbine is installed

 sponsors names are added in wire for the baby coral to be attached - all done by hand

 the beautiful artwork in her early stage - from which the coral will thrive

the coral is attached and progress is checked three weeks later

for more information on the project or how to make a donation visit bio-rock bali's website here

The oceans join us as one, the rhythm  of the tides  that link us the cycles of the moon and the axis of the earth.  The ocean and in and out of the tides  is the universal mantra  like the breath it never ceases, in meditation letting the thoughts go on the out breath is like watching the thoughts roll out on the out tide.
For me sleeping next to the waves is like surrendering into the arms on our mother and something so much greater then me is so comforting,
Her health is our health x   - Celia Gregory

we'ar is excited for the opportunity to support celia's endeavours with the marine foundation, and looking forward to seeing the progress of the coral goddess for the health and restoration of our precious marine life xx 

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

5 minute yoga boost

a nice little sequence for recharging energy in the afternoon :)

1. regulate your breath! start with square breathing (sitting upright, breathe in for 4 counts, pause for 4, exhale for 4 counts, pause for 4. repeat for 5-6 cycles)

2. loosen up your shoulders... hunching is such a common habit, try garudasana (eagle) arms or heart opening with clasped hands and straight elbows behind your back.

3. standing forward bend - hold on to your elbows and free the neck by shaking head (carefully!)

4. try a variation of pidgeon pose - lying on your back crossing one ankle over the opposite knee with the foot flat on the ground and drawing the knee to your chest... great for opening the hips after a long time sitting. 


yoga at work is fun! xx

look out ladies...

men's dean bone jacket - pre-order's welcome!
the perfect winter jacket with substance and style xx


a friend living in cambodia sent me this link - she viewed it sitting across the street from a building that is highly featured in the film
both women advocating change to child sexploitation have been nominated for the nobel peace prize

Monday, 27 June 2011

we'ar in yak magazine


Photographer: D.HUMP
Artist: Antonio Munoz
Stylist: Diaz
hair & makeup: Anja
model: Anna/LVDK

Sunday, 26 June 2011

we'ar loving organic essential oils

... rose, thai bergamot and wild mint... the perfect cozy combo for an icy winter's day xx