Tuesday, 10 May 2011

come on down to cross st

we'ar giving you a taster of new season goodies just put out on the shop floor...

wool coats and knitted lace dresses are just a few of the exciting new pieces available... so get down here quick smart to play dress ups with our pretty new clothes! oh and there are also gloves and socks to layer up with too xx

p.s if you've never been here before we are located at 29 cross st newton behind ironbank  :)


on this dreary drizzly morning we'ar staying toasty and warm by drinking lemon verbena tea... kindly gifted to us, it's homegrown and au natural - just how we like things! and according to google its good for strengthening the immune system and de-stressing. bonus! we have also been burning the oil in store coz its so lovely :)

speaking of google how delightful is the animation on the home page today? celebrating what would be martha grahams 117th birthday xx check it out here 

Monday, 9 May 2011

we'ar aware xx

could you live on just $2 per day? raising funds for those living below the poverty line, this campaign is urging australian's to take up the challenge from may 16th - 20th.   yes that means no morning coffee or sneaky arvo treats for 5 days people! check out the website for more info or to make a donation.  and who says we can't give it a red hot go in nz? i feel a personal challenge coming on...

sneak peek

get excited... just received boxes of brand spanking new stock from bali this morning! wait till you see the delights we have hiding away...

Sunday, 8 May 2011

geek chic

stay techno savvy with a rustic charm! we'ar leather laptop bags are cute as a button (literally... the button is cute, no?) and two sleeves give you room for a notebook as well :)

on the subject (just to be a super nerd) these Vers handmade wooden and bamboo iphone cases would make the perfect accompaniment:

and what's even more awesome is that for every hardwood tree they use in production, 100 more get planted in areas that need them most :)

we'ar will be using bamboo eco fabric in up and coming designs so stay tuned xx

travel buddy

hooray we have new manduka eco yoga mats in store again - in a multitude of colours to please any discerning yogi!  all natural tree rubber, non slip and easy to clean...

 we also have the super light and functional FOLDING travel mat! perfect for nomads and gypsy's... 

shown to scale here with our kabuki klompen - it's your own little folding travel mat that can be whipped out whenever the mood strikes... even if you're on top of a mountain! xx