Monday, 2 May 2011

new treasures xx

a few new treats in store at Cross St... lust factor one thousand

matching bird tattoo optional

silver mesh amazingness

mini leather bound book necklace - pages are left blank for love spells (my personal suggestion, but you get the idea)

 would you check out that heel?? perfect for supermodel stomping thus adding an instant 10 points to babe factor

yes, yes, and more yes. I am in love with my new we'ar boots and am currently sporting a sample pair with knee socks for the autumn chill...  



  1. those birds look tasty. seriously tho are they gold plated or solid? what are the incredible blue gemstones -i've never seen such a deep, vivid blue. are the stones clear or opaque?

  2. thanks pushkin! they are 22ct gold plated silver and the stones are kyanite, kind of opaque but with a brilliant shine x
    would make a luxurious gift!

  3. Looking lovely! Those boots are particularly divine.. love the detail along the side! I'm a constant boot-searcher...