Tuesday, 3 May 2011

jamaican feeling

there is a new obsession lurking here at we'ar... hair accessories! feather extensions and hair wraps to be more specific...

the african hair braiding studio up on k rd can give you a stunning multi-coloured wrap (a vast array of colours available - i went for a green purple and black combo) and the early 90's womans day posters papering the walls are a nice (hilarious) feature. getting in touch with my inner rasta slash 10 year old self never looked so good! plus you give off a nonchalant 'just been on vacation' vibe.

for a more romantic feel feathers woven into your locks are a cute idea, and have surprising longevity as well as being wash and wear :)

if you're not ready for such a permanent commitment, we have some cute feather headbands for instant whimsical appeal...

and our feather earrings are sourced from a sustainable farm so you can feel even better about we'aring them xx

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